Kuhn Knight 1230 Easyspread Apron Chain Spreader U#001070


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Make: Kuhn Knight
Located At: Fremont Store
Stock #: 001070
Serial #:
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Capacity:295cu.ft. heaped
Lower beater rpm:350
Bolt on paddles
540 pto
Apron chain:t-bar
Slat size:1x2in
16 slats, 2 cyl end gate, min 75pto/hp to run,
Speed selection: slow-fast-clean out, Box construction: front and sides 12 ga. floor:1/2in
poly Single axle with 16.5L x 16.1 implement tires
8 bolt hubs
Front splash guard
Pto/hp requirement:75
Reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the full
width axle Solid weld in tongue and axle means the
spreader is stronger because it is pulled from the axle and not from the front of the box. rooster comb beaters
creates a uniform spread pattern and has replaceable
paddles for easier service Mechanical V-belt drive
simple and easy to maintain accessible by hinged front
door The solid poly floor provides more strength and
durability than wood and plywood covered with plastic
Warranty 1 year parts and labor, 10 years side and front
panel rust through and floor breakage (only parts after 12 months)


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